Meet our Founder, Josh Hart. He is is a lover of humanity, a social entrepreneur. a humble servant, and an optimistic adventurer.  Spending years learning the importance of misery, Josh had been living a ‘who needs a liver’ lifestyle. In 2010 his life took a drastic turn. After surrendering, he was given a divinely inspired mission: to create a brighter Christmas for children. Every year he opens ‘free toy stores’, inviting families to shop complimentary and by appointment, those who need a little extra love at Christmas time. In addition, he produces two annual events. ‘Celebrate’ is attended by women affected by domestic violence. And ‘The 12 Bands of Christmas’ is a free Christmas party that brings the entire community together. With the help of thousands, together they have distributed over 50,000 gifts to more than 8,300 children, those who may have otherwise gone without. Josh Hart is a giver, finding it difficult to ask for help for himself. He has worked diligently towards accomplishing this mission for over a five years. He’s been without a permanent home, surfing sofas, and sometimes living out of his car. Despite these challenges, he has consistently made a tremendous impact on our communities with very little monetary resources. You can make dreams come true by making a contribution, supporting his long bike ride. Josh will be sharing the mission and vision of Operation Elf Box on a 3100 mile journey from coast to coast with his faithful border collie, Shoeless Jo. On March 1st, Josh Hart and his TurboPup, will emBARK on an epic adventure, pedaling a bicycle from San Diego to St Augustine, Florida. It would be impossible without your generous support. Please follow his blog at www.operationelfbox.org or www.longbikeride.com


Our Mission is simple: to create a brighter Christmas for children.

Since our inception in 2010, Operation Elf Box has partnered with over 2,800 families who have shopped complimentary at Elf Shoppe. We’ve added to Santa’s list the names of over 8,350 local children who might otherwise have gone without. The community has donated over 55,000 gifts to date, individuals placing these gifts in Elf Boxes located at businesses throughout Central Oregon and in the Willamette Valley. We view this as a Christmas miracle.

In 2015, our goal is to continue to partner with families in the community by providing a complimentary shopping experience. Good faith is our policy. Through this simple model we have discovered that we are able to empower these families and our friends.

Josh Hart
Founder & Resident Elf


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